CLEMSON, S.C. — Each year the South Carolina Department of Agriculture puts out a call for applications to farm hemp in the state. In 2022 nearly two hundred farmers were issued permits to grow industrial hemp in South Carolina. Those farmers are approaching hemp production for the market in different ways. Some farmers are growing hemp transplants to sell to other hemp farmers. Still, more farmers are growing hemp for another purpose, to obtain the very strong fibers and other useful contents of the hemp stalks. Most farmers, however, are growing what is known as floral hemp, valued for its flowering parts sold for processing into the health supplement, beauty aide, and vape or smokable products many of us are familiar with on the market today.

Clemson University Public Service is dedicated to aiding the emerging hemp industry. The Clemson Extension Industrial Hemp and Emerging Crops Programs are dedicated to helping hemp farmers in the state succeed through one-on-one consultation, group training events, and facilitation of industry and research initiatives.

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