NYS 4-H National Poultry Conference

New York State was represented at recent conference in Kentucky

Sue Thomas, Coach, Gracie Nicol (Ontario) and Mr Jesse Lyons; Winner of the National Turkey BBQ. (Courtesy Photo)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The 2016 National 4-H Poultry and Egg Conference was held November 16-17 at the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center in Louisville. This annual conference allows 4-Hers from all over the country to compete in educational events that help them learn to make and defend decisions, speak publicly, and gain poultry-related skills.

This annual 4-H conference includes five separate competitive events. In the Poultry Judging contest, participants are required to judge ready-to-cook chicken and turkey carcasses, live production hens, and market eggs. In the Chicken and Turkey Barbecuing contests participants barbecue three chicken halves or two turkey fillets and give an oral presentation on the corresponding poultry industry. Participants develop skills in barbecuing, preparation of a product, and a presentation that demonstrates knowledge of the subject industry, food safety and product attributes. In the Egg Preparation demonstration contest participants demonstrate preparation an egg dish while giving an oral presentation on the nutritional value and versatility of eggs. They prepare an egg dish, demonstrate presentation skills and incorporate knowledge of the egg industry, egg quality and nutrition all during a limited time period.

L to R top row – Madeline Chairvolotti(Clinton) Liam Sayward (Clinton) Camille Ledoux (Lewis) Bottom row L to r – Zaia Ivan(Columbia/Green) Rebecalyn Barber(Tioga), Grace Nicol(Ontario) (Courtesy Photo)

In addition to these events, the conference includes an Avian Bowl contest which is a double-elimination tournament in which the contestants are required to answer questions regarding poultry science, poultry meat and egg production, and information about the poultry industries. Contestants must a comprehensive knowledge of subject matter for several species of poultry, food safety, physiology, nutrition, eggs and other subjects.

A Poultry Careers workshop is also held at the conference, exposing the 4-Hers to hands-on information from poultry food industry personnel and the  participants are given pertinent information about career and educational opportunities in poultry industries.

This year there were two speakers at the workshop. Dr. Ken W. Koelkebeck, Poultry Extension Specialist spoke about jobs within the poultry industry and Tracy McKenney spoke about working at Perdue.

New York State was represented by an Avian Bowl Team (Liam Sayward, (Clinton), Rebecalyn Barber, (Tioga) and Zaia Ivan, (Columbia/Green) that placed sixth and was coached by Mr. Lance Sayward and Mrs. Jessie Shields Zurawel. In the cooking contest area NYS had three participants, who were coached by Mrs. Michele Ledoux and Mrs. Sue Thomas. Camille Ledoux assisted with coaching the two BBQ participants as she was a past national winner in those areas. Grace Nicol (Ontario) won the Turkey BBQ and Madeline Chairvolotti (Clinton) placed second in the Chicken BBQ and Camille Ledoux (Lewis) placed third in the Egg Preparation Demonstration.

The National 4H Poultry and Egg conference is where competition and fellowship develop the next generation of leaders.

–Cornell Cooperative Extension

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