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AngusSource verification program delivers premiums for Angus-sired calves

In a six-year study of Superior Livestock data, AngusSource calves received a $2.56 per hundredweight (cwt.) premium over non-verified calves. (U.S. Department of Agriculture, Flickr/Creative Commons)

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. — In a cattle market where every dollar counts, it’s important to consider ways to add value on your next set of calves. The American Angus Association’s AngusSource® program is a way to ensure Angus-sired calves generate the premiums they deserve.

A marketing option for any commercial producer who sells feeder calves or replacement heifers sired by a registered Angus bull, AngusSource is a USDA process-verified age-and-source program that documents a minimum 50% Angus genetics. During the past year, AngusSource has enrolled groups of calves ranging from six to 3,200 head, identifying high-quality cattle that are worth the added investment.

In a six-year study of Superior Livestock data, AngusSource calves received a $2.56 per hundredweight (cwt.) premium over non-verified calves.

“When you carry that over a typical lot of 650-pound steers, you’ve got nearly $750 to add to your bottom line,” said Ginette Gottswiller, Association director of commercial programs. “The value of age and genetic verification remains strong in the cattle market, and we hope producers consider enrolling their next calf crop in AngusSource.”

AngusSource calves are identified with an ear tag and marketing document, which is distributed to a targeted group of more than 700 buyers who have expressed an interest in verified Angus cattle. When enrolling in AngusSource, you’re also harnessing the strength of the American Angus Association’s marketing network, performance database and unrivaled customer service.

Leland Browning, an AngusSource customer from Missouri, says he’s glad his calves are part of the program and has sold approximately 18 sets through AngusSource. He merchandizes cattle in both spring and fall, retains his own replacement heifers and buys new bulls every two years. Each set of feeder calves Browning sells ranges from 10 to 12 head and is enrolled in the program.

“It allows me to sell small groups of cattle at the same price as non-sourced large groups,” Browning said.

As an added bonus for 2017: the first 50 cattle producers who enroll 100 head of Angus-sired calves will receive a complimentary VetGun, a first-of-its-kind system that provides precise fly control, remotely in the field, with a simple pull of the trigger.

“We’re looking forward to partnering with AngusSource and the American Angus Association to provide cattlemen and women an added tool for more efficient herd management,” said Michael Coe, SmartVet vice president of business development. “The VetGun is an innovative system for fly control, when and where you need it.”

Begin your 20-minute enrollment process today by contacting the Association at 816-383-5100 or visit

—Jena McRell
Angus Media

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