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Local News


Prime rib from a petri dish?

HURON, S.D. — The U.S. Department of Agriculture is currently deciding whether or not to allow lab-cultured protein to be labeled as meat. "Really?" you may ask. "This could mean that I could buy a product labeled as hamburger or steak at the grocery store and it could actually be tissue create...
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National News


Pesticide exposure and bumblebee decline

WORCESTER, Mass. — Adding to growing evidence that pesticide use may be contributing to the decline of many bumblebee species across North America, a new study reveals that daily consumption of even small doses of a widely used class of insecticides known as neonicotinoids reduces the survival of ...
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Trade agreement momentum welcome news

WASHINGTON — Trade negotiations are officially on the horizon with the European Union, Japan and the United Kingdom, continuing the momentum generated by a bilateral deal with South Korea (KORUS) and a renegotiated NAFTA agreement with Mexico and Canada, now the USMCA. The American Soybean Asso...
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Moss rapidly detects, tracks air pollutants

WASHINGTON — Moss, one of the world's oldest plants, is surprisingly in tune with the atmosphere around it. Now in a study appearing in ACS' journal Analytical Chemistry, scientists report that they have found a simple and inexpensive way to detect air pollutants, specifically sulfur dioxi...
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U.S. October weather recap and outlook

WASHINGTON — Corn harvest progress in the United States, while still ahead of the 5-year average, has slowed down a bit. October has certainly provided its fair share of weather woes to the Corn Belt thus far. Heavy rains, temperatures well below normal, as well as frosts, freezes, and even snow h...
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Farm financial conditions trend weaker again

WASHINGTON — Based on the Economic Research Service's latest farm income forecast, 2018 will not be the year that the farm income situation improves. Farm income has now been in general decline for 4 years and seems to be headed for a fifth in 2019. While the farm sector went into this period in e...
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Could You Pass the Hybrid Vigor Please?

Hybrid vigor. You just gotta love hybrid vigor. It’s a term that is used often in dairy breeding as a way to explain the outcomes of genetics … but I had forgotten about it until Saturday, when I met up with my college fri...
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