1st robotic feeder in U.S.

Lely and Fisher & Thompson will host open house to showcase system

“They are in use in Europe and there are several being used in Canada, but Westview Farm is the first operation in the United States to install this technology,” said Amos Fisher of Fisher & Thompson.

LEOLA, Penn. — On Thursday, July 24, Lely and Fisher & Thompson, a Pennsylvania-based milking equipment dealer, will host an open house at Westview Farm in Peach Bottom, PA. The open house will run from 8AM – 3PM and one of the main draws will be the first Lely Vector automatic feeding system installed in the United States.

“Without a doubt the main attraction is going to be the Lely Vector automatic feeding system,” said Amos Fisher of Fisher & Thompson. “They are in use in Europe and there are several being used in Canada, but Westview Farm is the first operation in the United States to install this technology.”

Galen Nolt, who runs the family farm along with his two sons and daughter, made the decision after consulting with Fisher & Thompson and seeing the Lely Vector in action on a visit to Canada.

“I went up to Canada and I liked what I saw,” said Nolt. “I actually sent a text to my boys right then and there telling them that we were going with the Vector. I just loved what I saw, the way the cows responded to it.”

The open house will also showcase three robotic milking units and Nolt said the automatic feeding system and the robotic milking units are a good combination for the 170 milking cow operation.

“The cows respond to the Vector and it motivates them to eat feed and then when they eat feed what do they do? They go to the robots to get milked,” said Nolt. “The Vector works well with the robotic milkers for that simple reason.”

While the Vector automatic feeding system has only been in place for a month, Nolt said it has already made a major impact on the farm.

“It gives you more time in the day to do other work on the farm,” said Nolt. “Before this we were pretty much mixing feed probably at least four hours a day. Now we don’t worry about that.  At 10:00 or 11:00 at night we see the Vector doing its job. It just does it 24 hours a day. In terms of time savings, there’s just nothing like it.”

“I think people are really going to be excited when they see the Lely Vector in action,” said Fisher. “We’ve had a lot of success with the robotic milking units on a number of dairies throughout our region and we think the Vector is going to be equally well received.”

Breakfast will be available for those arriving earlier in the day, and for those arriving later, lunch will be provided. In addition, representatives from Lely and Fisher & Thompson will be on-hand to provide information and answer questions. Westview Farm is located at 222 Little Britain Church Road, Peach Bottom, PA.

About Fisher & Thompson

Fisher & Thompson is a milking equipment dealer with 9 locations in Pennsylvania (Leola, Belleville, Bethel, Chambersburg, Mifflinburg, Roaring Spring, Somerset, Troy, and Wyalusing)

— Lely and Fisher & Thompson

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